SECONDS GirlFriday Planner - Quarterly Undated

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Ok, who doesn't love a bargain? 😉 These planners are slightly imperfect with the teeniest of discrepancies (mostly a tiny lead-pencil looking dot on the cover for example), but still beautiful and just as functional as their A-grade siblings. Here at GirlFriday we're all about equality and don't want these babies sitting unloved so are offering them at a reduced price to find them homes!

Your GirlFriday is here to help you:

  • Create a clear daily schedule 
  • Set and track healthy habits – and reward yourself for achieving them!
  • Map out your ‘ideal week’
  • Set SMART goals – and track them in the long and short-term!
  • Create monthly & weekly overviews to keep you on track
  • Get a clear understanding of your finances 
  • Weekly Budgeting – so you know what you have to work AND play with!
  • Quarterly Planning to map out your next 90-days
  • Manage your business and personal lives in one place 
  • Enjoy more time, focus and brain-space!
  • and more!

The best part? You don’t need to wait until a certain date – all our Planners are undated so you can start the moment it arrives in your hot little hands!

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