About GirlFriday

When it comes to taking charge of your life and crushing those big goals of yours – you need a ‘Friday’ at your side.

And what better planner to help you do it than one made by a life-long GirlFriday herself?


Hi, I’m Chloe

I’ve been the go-to-girl for businesses of all types, working in admin, accounts, reception and management ever since I was old enough to work, along with over 6 years as a virtual and personal assistant for multiple businesses and individuals. I even have a Bachelor of Business in Management – you might say I’m obsessed…

But hey, when it comes to planning, tracking, scheduling, hustling, budgeting and getting things done – I’m your girl… and guess who gets nominated to organise every event, get-together and celebration for my friends and family?

If it needs a ‘Friday’ – I get the call.

Why the Planner?

One thing I’ve never stopped searching for is the perfect planner.  As you can imagine, I’ve tried a million and one over the years, but I’ll only use them for a short time before I put them aside.

They just never ticked all the boxes I needed to make real steps toward my goals while staying productive and on track!

Introducing the GirlFriday Planner!

The good news for hustlers and bosses everywhere is that I’ve taken absolutely everything I have learned over the years and created what I’m pretty confident is the perfect planner. A true companion for people wanting to kick goals in life and business – without dropping the ball in either.

What You’ll Love About GirlFriday...

Great colours. Ticking the boxes whether you like corporate, classic, girly, stylish, or fun!

Totally portable. Perfectly fits in your bag and doesn’t weigh a ton!

Quarterly. Get a fresh colour and fresh perspective every quarter with a new journal every 90-days.

Plan your way! The minimal style is a great guide but lets you choose how you use your planner so it always works for you.

Work/Life Balance. Budget, plan and dream for both business and personal life side-by-side.

‘Perfect’ Week. Plan out your ideal week to guide how you plan your days – we’ve even allowed for planning your perfect fortnight if that’s how you roll!

Key Dates Bookmark. Never lose your place or lose track of the important dates in each quarter – personal and professional.


Want to hustle smarter – not harder? 

Grab your GirlFriday Planner today!