GirlFriday Business Goal Planner

Every girl needs a ‘Friday’ at her side to help her get things done. 

The GirlFriday Planner was dreamed, designed and created by a fellow go-getter, organisation-ninja, admin-addict and girl-boss, aka a real-life GirlFriday – and this planner has everything you need to take charge of your life and hustle like a boss.     

A2 Undated Wall Planner is here

Yearly planning for the win! Printed on Mist 270GSM, she is minimal with a little pep in her step! Designed to take pride of place in your office or communal living space, our A2 Wall Planner will very quickly cement herself in your life as your super stylish and functional best friend!


Balance that Yin & Yang in your life.

What’s in the Planner?

What You’ll Love About GirlFriday...

Grab your GirlFriday Planner today!

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing”

– Dale Carnegie

Heck yes. 

And an hour of planning ‘GirlFriday’ style, will have you tracking, budgeting, dreaming and goal-smashing your way to success in life and business! 

"As General Manager of a small business we’ve found using the GirlFriday planners has increased our team’s efficiency and organisation. It’s been especially beneficial during the Covid 19 lock down as our team now works remotely."

Ash - General Manager

"Chloe is my real life GirlFriday. She assists with everything from account management, accounting, budgets, cash flows, through to event planning. Having her own business and working with small and large scale businesses has no doubt helped culminate this cleverly put together planner. It's a game changer in getting organised."

Kerry - Director of Century 21 on Duporth

"The GirlFriday planners have proven to be an incredibly valuable tool to keep our team organised and motivated as we navigate through these uncertain times."

Jennifer - Business Owner

"Chloe was my go to GirlFriday. Clients can be hard work when you own a marketing agency but Chloe was almost like my own PA helping make my life easy by providing forecasts, budgets and generally help pull the crazy cats into line. Dealing with all parts of other peoples businesses along with her own has made her adaptable, loyal and understanding about all the needs of a business. This has no doubt lead to this amazingly put together planner that will lead to a more efficient way of life."

Selasi - Director of HYPE Group

"Chloe is the consummate professional GirlFriday. She helped my business through some really difficult complicated challenges and always stayed focused and organised. Chloe knows how to deliver results."

Mitch - Director of Premium Disability Housing

Let’s hear it for the boys – introducing our new ManFriday Planner!

The Friday Power Couple

Want to slay life together and realise both your personal and business goals in true power couple style? This Friday Power Couple set is for you!